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----We'll understand it by and by

(Charles A. Tindley) Imprimer les paroles Ecouter cette chanson
By and by, when the morning comes
When the saints of God are gathered home
We'll tell the story how we've overcome
For we'll understand it by and by

Couplet GUC:
When the temptation, it is there, over take me, all the way,
Still I know, God in heaven, he will answer my prayers,
He will never, never leave me there
Though I weak be all the way's the end
See we'll understand it better by and by

Couplet 1:
We are tossed and driven on the restless sea of time
Somber skies and howling tempests oft succeed a bright sunshine
In that land of perfect day, when the mist have rolled away
We will understand it by and by

Couplet 2:
We are often destitute of the things that life demands
Want of food and want of shelter, thirsty hills and barren lands
We are trusting in the Lord, and according to God's Word
We will understand it by and by

Couplet 3:
Trials dark on every hand, and we cannot understand
All the ways that God could lead us to that blessed promised land
But He guides us with His eye, and we'll follow till we die
For we'll understand it by and by

Couplet 3:
Temptations, hidden snares often take us unawares
And our hearts are made to bleed for a thoughtless word or deed
And we wonder why the test when we try to do our best
But we'll understand it by and by

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